Eco safety and manufacturing should go side by side

Eco management constant improving process has been implemented at the DSK. It takes into account all the federal laws and ecological regulations as well as the requirements of the consumer in accordance with the ISO 14001.

In 2011 the company organised such works dedicated to reducing the environmental impact as:

  • installation of sunlight sensitive lamplight switchers
  • Optimization of the equipment cooling water cycle that allowed us to change the water supply engine to another, twice less electricity consuming engine
  • PES scraps decreasing by reducing the size of the blanks
  • Diesel forklift change to the gas forklift at such operations as changeover of the moulds.

Scrap is divided into categories – utilisable, reworkable, and recyclable.

The company aspires to achieve the scrap reduction objectives we have set for ourselves.

We do not stop to improve when we achieve goals. OOO DSK passes the eco management requirements down to its suppliers.